Sundae: Revolutionizing the Way Investors Find Deals

A streamlined way to find off-market deals. Sundae’s marketplace has forever changed the way investors source leads and buy houses.

Real estate investors spend untold amounts of time and money to find deals. Oftentimes, your business is only as good as your pipeline of deals. In fact, a solid stream of potential deals is what many of the longtime, successful real estate investors have in common.

There are many ways to keep a steady stream of potential deals coming your way. Options range from building your personal rolodex of contacts to listing services such as the MLS. Approaches like these have real value, but they’re time consuming. This article shows you how to save time and money finding deals. That way, you can spend more time and resources on other parts of your business.

Typical ways investors find deals

Having a steady pipeline of potential deals is the way to keep the cash flowing. That’s because the more offers you make, the more deals you’re likely to get. Real estate investors looking to find undervalued properties have traditionally found deals in a few key ways listed below.

Networking meet-ups

There’s real value in cultivating your own network of people to feed you deals and attending networking meetups is a great way to build this informal pipeline team. At such events, you might find landlords looking to sell or real estate agents and wholesalers looking for investors to pass deals to.

Pros: Making personal connections can be key to learning about and growing your real estate business. Plus, being around others in the industry can get you fired up.

Cons: Attending physical meetups can take time and energy away from your other duties and you may have to travel to find the right one.

Multiple Listing Service

The Multiple Listing Service or MLS is a real estate tool of all agent-represented property listings used by real estate agents to help sell and buy properties. While many listings from the MLS end up on public sites such as Zillow or RedFin, not all of them do. An investor-friendly real estate agent can help you find and identify the kinds of properties you’re looking to buy.

Pros: You get access to a complete listing of properties for sale via real estate agents who want to sell properties. They can also help you sell properties after you flip them.

Cons: The MLS is not a secret and you’ll have a lot of competition for many of the homes listed — with both other investors and regular home buyers. Home prices may be higher on the MLS than if buying off-market or by-owner due to competition from non-investors.


It’s the wholesaler’s job to find distressed and undervalued properties. Then get it under contract and sell the rights to investors. Wholesalers try to pay rock bottom prices because they want to increase their profit potential. Real estate wholesalers receive around $5,000 to $10,000 per deal, but their commissions are uncapped.

Pros: Wholesalers, especially once they know what you prefer to buy, can deliver a steady stream of appropriate deals with little work on your end.

Cons: Wholesalers are unlicensed and often use predatory tactics to acquire properties. In these instances, homeowners in financial need lose out on equity gains.


While the more traditional ways of finding properties to flip have their place, Sundae’s marketplace is reinventing the ways investors find deals. Investors get a seamless technology that provides loads of information on properties and takes the guesswork out of the transaction process. Here’s what you need to know about Sundae.

Sundae is not a wholesaler

Less scrupulous wholesalers often convince homeowners to sell their homes well below market value and then immediately resell for a huge profit. That’s not what Sundae does.

Instead, Sundae gives homeowners the best outcome when it’s time to sell a property. Our business model is meant to eliminate the middleman by giving investors access to a large inventory of properties. Investors place competitive offers and don’t have to find deals. Sellers benefit from a competitive offer process.

Sundae’s marketplace

Investors on Sundae’s online marketplace get access to new, exclusive deals daily. These listings don’t show up anywhere else. Deals come vetted and sourced directly from homeowners. Every property listing comes with a detailed packet of information, which may include home inspection and title reports, disclosures, high definition photos, and 3D tours.

On Sundae’s marketplace, you can shop homes across the U.S. and make confident offers from anywhere. You can search and filter based on location, underwrite the property in minutes, make an offer in seconds (or save the opportunity for future review), and manage account settings in one easy-to-use interface. In short, you’ll save time and thousands of dollars when finding your next investment on Sundae.

Dedicated team

You’ll get connected to a personal investor advisor who has local expertise. These advisors can help with strategy and answer any questions you have about the process or property. Think of them as your personal real estate investment guide and they’re only available on Sundae.

Additional benefits

Sundae helps investors build better businesses in these four key ways:

  • A scalable model. New deals get added into Sundae’s database daily from all around the U.S., and Sundae marketplace members have access to them immediately.
  • Saves time. With available properties fed directly to Sundae marketplace members and lots of data-rich info attached to each property, you’ll spend less time looking at deals and more time making them.
  • Gives greater confidence. Even if you never step onto the property, you’re not making a blind purchase. Inspections, title reports, interior photos, and 3D tours are all part of the Sundae marketplace experience.
  • Allows for faster decision making. When you have all the information about a property in one place, you can make the right decision for you — in record time. Make an offer or save a deal for later review, all at the click of a button.

Deals with the click of a button

The Sundae difference for real estate investors is clear. Sundae provides a tech-savvy platform of real estate deals for investors looking to find discounted and distressed properties.

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