From Tragedy to Triumph

Ginger and her daughter Alison fell on hard times when something unexpected happened. With a little help from Sundae, they were able to bring their family closer together.

As people begin their search for a new house online, they see the kitchen, flooring, and other features. But what they rarely see or hear about are the faces and stories behind the sale.

Ginger didn’t want that to be the case when she sold her deceased mother’s house . She was planning to move from California to Oklahoma, but wanted to keep the family legacy intact. Rather than selling the inherited property, she wanted to pass it down to her daughter Alison and other children.

Then, an unforeseen medical emergency flipped the script. That’s when Ginger and Alison decided that  it was time to sell.

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Finding the right buyer

When Ginger was diagnosed with Covid, she experienced severe symptoms. She recalled that “at the first of the year I got hit with covid. I was in the hospital for three months and they said it was 50-50.” Given the severity and uncertainty surrounding this situation, her family wanted to be closer to her. This meant selling the house in California.

Ginger and her family went on the offensive in search of a possible buyer. She talked to one company, but the updates would’ve cost them too much. In the end, they weren’t interested in buying. “That set the bar pretty low for me,” Ginger said.

An offer too good to be true

One day, Sundae popped up in a Google ad on Alison’s computer. Although skeptical, Ginger agreed to let Alison start a dialogue. “Then when [Alison] contacted Sundae, she was walking through with a video camera” and Ginger remembered all the compliments Sundae’s team was giving the house. Given her previous experience, Ginger thought that this was a sales tactic: “I thought that it was a highball offer to get us interested.”

Our mission is to “help homeowners get the best outcome when it’s time to sell a house that needs some love.” That’s exactly what happened. Ginger and Alison got what they expected to get “and not a penny less with nothing out of my pocket” Ginger raved.  This sale helped her and her family overcome financial hardship at a time when the future looked bleak.

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A life changing experience

In the end, everything worked out great for Ginger and her family. However, that’s not to say that they didn’t experience trials and tribulations along the way. When she was in the hospital, she couldn’t work. On top of that, some of her children stopped working to take care of her during the recovery process. The financial struggle at this time cannot be overstated.

Throughout the difficult times, Sundae helped take the weight off her shoulders.

  • Cash advance. One of the biggest advantages to working with Sundae was that Ginger was able to get a cash advance. “I was on oxygen, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t work. There were three of us who were working that stopped working,” she said. They didn’t have money for a cross-country move. The cash advance helped her family with all the expenses incurred when moving from California to Oklahoma.
  • A streamlined process. Sundae puts homeowners in the driver’s seat when selling. Everything from the complexities of a sale to the little things are taken care of. Ginger noted that “the only reason I’m here is because Sundae was there for me. If anybody has any doubts, I’m going to assure you that this is the best move you can make. If you’re in any situation where you need it to be simple, you need it to go smoothly, and you need to have a little control over the timing, this is a perfect solution.”

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Coming full-circle

Part of Sundae’s promise is “to deliver peace of mind and support throughout the process.” Alison and Ginger were able to see Sundae’s promise come true firsthand. Knowing the impact that our service was able to have on their lives has inspired Alison to pursue real estate as a profession–maybe even working at Sundae in the future. She hopes that someday she’ll be able to give others the support they need during a difficult time. We’re looking forward to hearing where this journey will take her.

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Kyle Spearin

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