Start Building a Lead Funnel in 5 Simple Steps

Generating leads for your funnel has never been more streamlined. Sundae’s Marketplace brings more off-market opportunities to investors than almost any other platform.

Real estate investors are constantly trying to scale up. To get to the next level, you need to have deals in the pipeline at all times. Lead generation in a competitive market can be especially challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

Sign up for Sundae’s Marketplace and begin receiving leads. It just takes five simple steps.

1. Create an account

When you make a free account with Sundae, we offer flexible onboarding options. You can serve yourself through the lead funnel process if you want to. You can also work with a Sundae team member who will guide you through every step of the sign up process.

At this juncture, you’ll fill out some basic information about yourself. You’ll also pinpoint markets that fit your investment needs so that you can begin receiving deals in those areas. And, of course, you’ll review terms and conditions for using Sundae’s Marketplace.

2. Identify your investment goals

Are you trying to scale up your flipping business? Or perhaps you want to expand your network so you can build a team. Every investor is unique in their goals towards success. Our team is trained to understand the goals of each investor so they can create a winning strategy.

An Investor Advisor will reach out to you and help you identify what your investment goals are. From start to finish, your advisor builds a relationship with you so you will always have a personalized experience that relates to your goals. These real estate professionals know the ins-and-outs of the markets they serve. That way, you can have the confidence to invest in a new market with boots on the ground.

Your investment goals are our top priority. What means the most to Sundae is identifying your investment goals and nurturing relationships. Investor Advisors are only a phone call or an email away. They want to help you navigate the marketplace and achieve your real estate investment goals.

3. Set up your search criteria

Searching through thousands of listings takes too long, especially if most of the listings don’t suit your investment style. Investors have their baseline criteria which includes:

Sundae is constantly adding new properties in multiple markets. With so many off-market deals at your disposal, it’s important to tailor your lead funnel to match your criteria. This will help you sort opportunities that make sense for your business goals.

4. Explore Sundae’s Marketplace

Rather than sifting through competitive Multiple Listing Service (MLS) , Sundae’s Marketplace provides powerful tools. Find everything you need to know about the property history including, virtual tours, home inspections, title reports, and disclosures. Each listing has enough quality photos so you know what the property looks like inside out.

By utilizing our powerful platform, you will be one step ahead of the competition. Your lead funnel should be optimized to the point where you don’t even have to step foot in the property. With a variety of resources at your fingertips, you’ll be able to save time driving from one property to another.

Rather than stopping by in person and doing walkthroughs, you can do it all online. The marketplace has 3D floor plans so you understand the big picture of how the property connects from room to room. You can view a 3D virtual tour and navigate properties at your own pace so you can quickly assess the property’s condition and any potential repair items that may be necessary.

5. Place offers and win big

Sundae’s Marketplace enables you to place offers on properties and win bigger. Over the course of a few days, you’ll have the opportunity to give your best offer based on your underwriting criteria.

Submitting an offer is as easy as clicking a button. When you place your offer, you can be conservative and make a bid that feels comfortable to you. Later, you will have the chance to increase your offer. Keep in mind that homeowners often accept offers before the auction even ends, so we recommend offering early if you want to increase your odds.

As you go through this process, you can check in with your Investor Advisor to get advice based on what they’ve seen in your area and on the platform. There’s also an instant offer feedback feature. This lets you know when you have the highest offer. It notifies you if there’s a higher offer as well, which gives you a chance to increase it before the deadline

Ultimately what you decide to offer is up to you.

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Rob Marini

Rob Marini is a content writer for Sundae who also produces content for real estate agents, investors, and prop tech companies across the country. He works as a digital marketing specialist in Connecticut, where he resides. When he’s not designing content or learning about real estate, you can find him podcasting, playing the guitar, or watching the Philadelphia Eagles.