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Here’s what you need to know on short sales and foreclosure, with alternatives to both of them.

By Team Sundae on Sep 16, 2020

Should you accept less money on the sale of your house with a cash offer?

By Claire Tak on Sep 15, 2020

We'll answers frequently asked questions and includes a worksheet to help you find out.

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Here’s how cash offers on a house work and how you can benefit.

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Cities with strong healthcare and life science industries will remain attractive markets to live in.

By Polina Ryshakov on Sep 2, 2020

Find out how this tax provision stimulates economic growth.

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Avoid these scams by understanding how off-market buyers work and being able to spot red flags.

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Certainly things will change in a post-COVID world, but by how much?

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How do you determine what is a fair offer price when selling your home in as-is condition?

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You don't always have to go through the long, traditional home sales process.

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How do you make more space to alleviate the issues associated with stay-at-home orders?

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Here are 10 high-impact remodeling ideas to revamp your outdoor space.

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Markets with heavy Life Sciences investment have potential to weather a real estate downturn.

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Hhere are the cities with the most space for the least expense.

By Kyle Spearin on Aug 9, 2020

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