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Investors need to know the best strategies and tactics to take their portfolios to the next level. Perhaps you’re looking to do long term rentals and want to dig deeper. Maybe you want to expand to new markets to take advantage of high upside out-of-state. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the best resources to help you at any juncture of your real estate investment journey.

By Rob Marini on Mar 18, 2022

Here are a few ideas for what to look for in your next income generating property.

By Rob Marini on Mar 17, 2022

Sstaying up to date on the latest market trends is essential for success.

By Erin B on Mar 16, 2022

Understanding how to fund flips can make or break your business.

By Rob Marini on Mar 14, 2022

If a project manager is prepared, they can tackle almost anything!

By Rob Marini on Mar 10, 2022

Here are some tips so you can maximize your profit when estimating renovations.

By Team Sundae on Mar 8, 2022

We’re launching a program designed to help women to succeed in real estate investing.

By Rob Marini on Mar 7, 2022

Without proper planning and knowledge, these costs can pile up and jeopardize your flip.

By Erin B on Mar 3, 2022

The best way to learn about real estate investing is to learn from those who are already successful.

By Kyle Spearin on Mar 2, 2022

In this article, you’ll learn from someone who’s traversed the fix-and-flip landscape many times.

By Polina Ryshakov on Mar 1, 2022

Adjustments were recently made that show employment numbers are better than we initially thought.

By Kyle Spearin on Feb 28, 2022

This investor shares words of wisdom that anyone can apply as part of a recipe for success.

By Kyle Spearin on Feb 28, 2022

Read how one investor has built her business on this concept and been rewarded mightily.

By Rob Marini on Feb 24, 2022

Read how one investor started and grew her own real estate investment business.

By Rob Marini on Feb 24, 2022

These decisions impact how your business operates along with benefits and potential limitations.

By Rob Marini on Feb 22, 2022

Having a real estate license creates opportunities. Is it worth the time and money?

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