Selling Effortlessly: A Sundae Customer’s Story

August 19, 2019 | Team Sundae

“I am going to sell my house easily and effortlessly.”

That’s what Joy Davis wrote in her notebook in November 2018. Inspired by the book, “Write It Down, Make It Happen” by Henriette Anne Klauser, Joy wrote down her desire to sell her old home of 16 years.

Joy was ready for a change and wanted to leave California. A former real estate agent herself, Joy knew that selling her house was going to be a process: Built in the 1970s, it was out-of-date and in desperate need of upgrades, which she knew would take time, money, and effort. During that time, Joy was emotionally and physically exhausted, not wanting to deal with the hassle of selling a home.

Selling with Sundae

“I wanted to get out of California as soon as I could. But knew that the house would need some work. I ultimately decided I didn’t want to deal with it,” Joy explained.

“I started researching Sundae because I had never heard of [them] before, and I had heard about people getting taken advantage of by different companies,” she said. But after more research, her skepticism began to wash away when she learned that Sundae could get her a great off market price for her home  without the hassle of putting the house on the market.

Sundae works with homeowners who want a fresh start and want cash for their home, without the lengthy, traditional process of selling on the MLS.

Still, Joy wanted to look into all her options before making a decision. “I did consider other options and talked to several flippers who had done deals in my neighborhood. I also looked at the traditional way of selling,” she explained.


The traditional selling process

Joy Davis notebook

The process of selling her home with a real estate agent would come at a cost, Joy knew. As a former realtor herself, Joy understood that it would likely be four months or more before she sold the home. There would also be showings, appointments, repairs, and constant cleaning.

In addition to the time investment, she knew there would be a financial commitment, too. For Joy, it was too much of a hassle and she wanted to move quickly without expending all of her energy. So she turned to Sundae for help.

“Sundae came along and made us a good deal. We could pick when we wanted to leave, and we could leave behind anything we didn’t want to take with us,” Joy said of her experience with Sundae. “We got a fair offer without ever having to list the house, without anyone having to be in my home.”


Joy Davis thinking

Removing barriers to selling a house

Being able to take that burden off her shoulders proved to be a great relief for Joy. It wasn’t just about the service that Sundae provided, she said, but also the clear communication and trust she felt when working with the Market Experts from Sundae.

“Michael and Ben were absolutely fabulous,” she said. Even when there was news or information that may not have been positive, they were always honest with her. She was regularly updated with phone calls and photos throughout the entire process.

Once the sale was closed and complete, she felt a weight off her shoulders. She described feeling content and relieved, feeling like working with Sundae was the right decision.

“Sundae made it comfortable for me to sell my home with the quickest process and the least amount of headaches.”

Joy now resides in Nebraska, enjoying a new home and a new chapter in her life. She continues to “write it down and make it happen.”


Joy Davis House

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