Sundae Customer Story: A New Way to Sell

February 15, 2021 | Zach Child Zach Child

After going through the trouble of selling a rental on the MLS, Bert S. wanted to try something with less hassle. In this Customer Story, we share his experience selling with ease on the Sundae marketplace. 

It’s no secret that selling a home traditionally is no walk in the park. Listing your home on the MLS through a realtor requires time, resources, and patience. You may encounter unexpected hiccups along the way that could ultimately end up costing you more money.

But what if you could skip the hassle altogether? Is that even possible?

Those are the questions that Bert S. asked himself before he began the process of selling another property. Experiencing the process before, he was looking for a different, easier way to sell this time. Bert wanted to avoid getting his property ready to sell altogether, so finding a way to sell his property as-is seemed like the best option, especially after losing his father.

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Finding how to sell

Bert decided to sell his father’s home after his passing. The property was dated and the heating system in poor condition. He weighed his options and determined that paying for the repairs himself, and going through a realtor, was too much of a time commitment. So finding an off-market alternative option would be his best bet.

“I had just sold a house, I have a couple of rentals, and I had just gone through selling one of them,” he said. “It wasn’t a nightmare, but it was just such a hassle. It actually took close to a year, believe it or not. So I knew I didn’t want to go that route.”

Before Bert began looking for a buyer, he recalled receiving a letter from Sundae a few months prior to his father’s death. After examining the Sundae site and reviewing the benefits, Bert decided to make the call and get an offer.

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Sundae’s marketplace offer

Ben, one of Sundae’s market experts, came out to Bert’s father’s home and explained that Sundae was different than other off-market buyers. Bert was intrigued, and asked Ben to explain the process.

Ben would prepare a Property Profile for Bert’s house and advertise it to hundreds of local, vetted investors on the marketplace. Those investors would then place an offer on his property, and Sundae brings the top three cash offers for Bert to review. The best part? No showings required.

“It was an excellent opportunity for me,” Bert explained. “I had gone through a normal agent for a house that I sold on my own, and I just didn’t like that experience at all. It was a lot of work on my part, a lot of money out of my pocket, and at the end of it all, you don’t recover that amount. You just have to subtract all of your time and effort from the process of selling the house. I understood that with Sundae, I didn’t have to go through any of that.”

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Selling with confidence

When asked about his thoughts on Sundae, Bert had nothing but positive things to say about his experience.

“It was very pleasant, very professional, and all geared to what my needs were. I thought it was very good, and not something you see very often in this line of business.”

With his father’s home sold, Bert has decided that he will continue working with Sundae to sell his other properties for the highest off-market price and minimal work.

“It was an excellent opportunity for me,” he said. “I’m in the process of selling another house, and I’ve decided I’m going to go through Sundae again. … If you’ve gone through the sale of a house, you know it’s never easy. I learned that I actually made more money selling through Sundae than selling independently to an agent. I’ve already recommended Sundae to my friends, and Ben is already talking to them as we speak.”

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