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Sundae Customer Story: Facing Tough Life Decisions

March 23, 2020 | Zach Child Zach Child

As we and members of our family get older, preparing options for long-term care becomes increasingly important. This includes addressing plans for healthcare, quality of life, and housing. 

For Sundae customer Miles B., these realities hit hard when his sister and father passed away within a short time of each other. His mother was alone in their family’s house. Unfortunately for Miles, keeping the house became too expensive and renovating it in preparation to sell was a complicated and costly proposition. Needless to say, Miles faced some tough decisions.

Weighing the options

Because his father worked in the real estate business, Miles knew what the process of selling a house looks like. Before he made a decision on what to do with the house, he weighed all of his potential options. He understood that each came with a price.

Miles had a few choices to think through. The first one was to keep the house. This option was not ideal because it entailed hiring housekeepers to maintain the property, which was too expensive. In addition to the cost, the house was too spacious for one person, making it a challenge to maintain. 

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Miles also considered leasing out the house or selling it through a real estate agent. But both of these possibilities presented large financial burdens, and Miles wanted to maximize the amount of money he could put into his mother’s trust to pay the fees associated with admitting her to a residential care center. 

Finally, renovating the house himself was the most expensive and riskiest option. Miles consulted a friend of his mother who works on home remodels, and she estimated that the total price to renovate the house would be between $50,000 and $70,000. 

“The last time the house was updated was in the 80s,” said Miles, “It needed a full update.”

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Finding a different solution 

After considering all of his options, Miles searched on Google for more information about what to do with an estate home. He found himself on the Sundae website and quickly got into contact with a member of the Sundae team. Because timing was an important factor in Miles’ decision, Sundae’s ability to move quickly made a huge difference. 

“Everything fell into place. If we had an appointment at 10:00 a.m., they were on time,” Miles said. “The speed was great. When Sundae said something was going to happen, it happened.”

Sundae’s market expert came to the house, made an evaluation, and gave Miles an estimate at the very same appointment. Miles said that every step of the process was explained and there was no confusion about what was going to happen moving forward. 

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Selling off market was the right answer

After reaching an agreement on the offer, Miles was ecstatic about how the process played out. “Absolute professional experience, the whole way through,” he said. “I cannot stress enough that there were no negatives. Zero. None at all. I didn’t have to worry about anything.”

After selling the house, Miles was able to take care of his other commitments. He moved his mother to a new care facility. She’s on the first floor, which provides her easy access to get outside with her dog. Miles found a facility very close to his own house, so he can be there quickly if she needs him. According to Miles, everything has worked out for the better.

“Sundae is a company that sees you,” said Miles. “It’s a company that listens to you.” 

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