Sundae Customer Story: The Feeling of Reassurance

May 4, 2021 | Team Sundae

When she needed to sell her home quickly, Ashley R. turned to Sundae for convenience and peace of mind through the process. 

Divorce is a difficult subject, and is never easy on anyone involved. Among the myriad of things  that need to be taken into consideration when approaching a divorce, figuring out what to do with the home can be emotional, taxing, and time-consuming.

Sundae Customer Ashley R. found herself in that tough position. Going through a divorce, she was tasked with figuring out how to sell her house. The house was in need of some much needed repairs, but Ashley did not want to pay for renovations to sell on the MLS through a realtor. Instead, Ashley did some research on selling her home off-market, and that is when she found Sundae.

“If I had to describe my overall feeling of working with Sundae, it was that feeling of reassurance,” she said.

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