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Sundae Customer Story: Following Your Heart

August 28, 2020 | Team Sundae Team Sundae

To be closer to his family, Sundae Customer George C. avoided the cost of repairs and a traditional listing and instead sold his home off market to Sundae.

Home is where the heart is. 

But what do you do when your heart moves away? Naturally, you want to follow it.

For the past few years, Sundae Customer George C. and his wife Elsie lived with their son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. Living together as a family was wonderful and was a time that created lasting memories. 

But last year, the kids and grandkids made the decision to move from California to Nevada. Elsie began to miss her family terribly and wanted to leave sunny San Diego for the warmth of Nevada, to be closer to them. 

George was planning to retire, so it seemed like just the right time to sell their home. At the start of this year, George and Elsie began to look at their options. 

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Finding the right buyer

The couple looked into offers from folks who claim to “buy ugly houses” and from several iBuyers. They wanted to sell their home as is to avoid having to make repairs themselves. While looking around for buyers, George came across Sundae online.

Initially, the iBuyer put down an attractive offer for the home that beat the other lowball offers. But when an inspector came through the house, suddenly everything was not as it seemed. 

They listed multiple upgrades and repairs required, leaving the couple with two options. Do the repairs on their own or have the cost of the repairs subtracted from the offer. 

Selling the home “as is” was now turning into something else. The once lucrative offer was losing its shine.

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Sundae Customer George Cassity and Wife

To repair or not to repair

Other problems arose with their iBuyer agreement. The company didn’t make a solid promise to buy their home, so the offer appeared risky. After much thought and discussion with Elsie, George turned to Sundae for help.

George connected with Sundae’s Market Expert Mike, who gained his trust. Feeling like he had a partner in his corner, George asked Mike if Sundae could review the iBuyer offer. 

“I said, I understand that this is one of your competitors, but why don’t you look this over and tell me what you think,” George said. “I told him that based on our meeting and discussing the house, I felt we had a connection. Maybe I can trust you.”

Mike agreed to review the offer and give George his professional opinion.

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Selling off market? We’re here for you

Though the iBuyer made a higher offer, after including the repairs it wasn’t the amount George hoped for. Mike assured George that even though Sundae’s offer was lower, there were no strings attached.

They got together and worked through the details. Ultimately, George hashed out a deal with Sundae that worked for the couple and helped them with moving costs. Best of all, it came without much stress.

According to George, even though it was less money than they wanted, being able to move on and have support through the process meant everything. 

“I really, really appreciate what the team from Sundae did, because we started this in January and the decision went all the way through to the end of May,” said George. “I really appreciate that. Sundae was willing to work with us in making this happen. It required almost split second timing for everybody.” 

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Timing is everything

The timing had to work out just right for George, who knew he was leaving his home in San Diego. But the family still needed a home in Nevada to be near the kids. 

After serving in the Navy for 25 years and another 20 years as a civil service employee, George was eligible to purchase a new home under the G.I. Bill. But to do so, the current home had to close on or before a purchase of a new home. 

This added a small wrinkle to George’s Sundae customer experience.

Eventually, George and Elsie found a new home in Henderson, Nevada, just around the corner from their grandkids. Given all the factors with selling the old home, closing before purchasing a new home, and moving, there was a delicate time predicament. 

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George Cassity veteran

Providing peace of mind

“I can’t say enough about Sundae’s closing coordinator,” said George. “She made a lot happen for us. She had to perform whatever magic she could because at one point it felt like, oh boy, we’re losing the timeframe bubble.”

George said Sundae stayed in touch through all the ups and downs of the process. “She would give us a call or send me an email saying, this is what’s happening or don’t worry about that.”

Having Sundae’s support kept George calm. The timing ended up working out with Sundae’s help, and the couple paid off their home in San Diego, ending up with more profit than they originally expected. 

“It was like a lot of kinds of bricks were lifted off my shoulders,” George explained.

Being able to have peace of mind and enjoy their new home made the whole process worth it. With Sundae, George and Elsie sold their home easily and started over again without the hassle and stress of using a realtor. That allowed them to focus on what was most important to them: being near family. 

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