Sundae Customer Story: Making Mom Proud

July 22, 2020 | Team Sundae Team Sundae

Inheriting her mother’s house, Pat T. decided to sell it off market as she didn’t have the funds to repair it herself. After Sundae completed a renovation, we invited Pat back to how the house turned out.

Losing a parent is one of the toughest things most people have to endure in their lifetime. Losing the person who raised you brings up a complicated mix of emotions and memories from the distant past. Facing the added responsibility of handling your parent’s estate only compounds an already difficult time.

But planning for the future is critical for both the mental and material health of the whole family. After Pat T.’s mother passed away, she knew that as the eldest daughter, it was up to her to handle the financial affairs of the estate. 



The job was no picnic. Her mother had a reverse mortgage, which required the heirs to pay back the balance of what was borrowed against the home’s mortgage. Differences of opinion within the family only added to the debate. 

Though everyone wanted to keep the house in the family, they eventually decided that it wasn’t financially realistic. But selling it had its challenges, too. It was going to cost a lot of money to get the house into market-ready condition. The other option, selling the house as is to a property investor, also had its challenges.

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With a little help from a friend

Before assessing any of the potential options, Pat decided to get a second opinion. She got in touch with a real estate agent friend to ask for a recommendation on how to move forward. Her friend told Pat that selling the house to a flipper was her best option. 

But Pat was skeptical about someone flipping her mother’s house. She knew there were a lot of predatory home investors who might not give her what the house deserved. Not only that, but it was important to Pat’s family that the house be treated with respect by its new owners.

Though she wasn’t initially sure how to take her friend’s suggestion, Pat appreciated the honesty. “I was touched that my friend didn’t try to make a sale,” said Pat. “It made me trust in her recommendation of selling to a flipper.”

After talking it over with the family, Pat decided to move forward with finding the right off-market buyer. 

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Trusted buyer? Enter Sundae

Sundae Customer Pat T with Market Expert Kevin

While browsing her Facebook feed, Pat came across an ad for Sundae. What stood out to her was the logo and the name Sundae. “The simplicity, peace of mind, and higher offer price really stood out to me,” said Pat. 

She got into contact with Zach, one of Sundae’s Customer Advisors, through the website. Pat said Zach was very mindful of her situation and assured her there was no pressure to sell. According to Pat, talking with Zach helped her decide whether selling with Sundae was the right decision. She appreciated the candor and decided to move forward with the process. 

“We got put in touch with this little cutie pie Kevin, who described himself as a Market Expert and told me what he would be doing,” recalled Pat. “What I remember most is that everything he said he would do was similar to the ad. I really liked that consistency.”

After an in-person appointment and walkthrough of the property, Kevin made Pat an offer. “I immediately countered his offer,” said Pat. “But little did he know, by that point I had already made up my mind that whatever he came back with, I was going to take it. And I did.”

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Seeing the results first hand

Sundae Customer Pat T and Family

After Sundae purchased her mother’s house, Kevin asked Pat if he could take a picture of her in front of it. At first she was skeptical about why. But Kevin told her that he would bring her back to the house in three months so that she could see what the house looked like after renovation. 

“I was speechless, maybe for the first time in my life,” said Pat. “I thought what a beautiful ending to my mother’s story that would be. 95 years she was on this earth, living a life devoted to the lord and her family.” 

After the renovation was completed, Pat came back with her sister and son. They were amazed by what they saw.  

“I felt that the house actually looked like my mom: charming, simple, inviting,” she said. Not only did Sundae fulfill all of the promises made to Pat before buying the house, but giving her the chance to witness it firsthand meant a lot to Pat and her family. 

“Coming back to see it was important because I asked myself what would Mom think about it. And Mom would have been pleased by the job they did,” Pat said of Sundae’s work. “It’s like this was her way of saying, I am still here. They even kept the tree in the backyard that my mom planted. It’s like the tree of life, and it maintained the integrity of the property.”

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