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Sundae Customer Story: Moving With Confidence

July 10, 2020 | Zach Child Zach Child

Facing a stressful move in the midst of a pandemic, Sundae customer Adi V. needed to sell his house with confidence. Here’s how Sundae stepped in.

Life is unpredictable, to say the least. Circumstances arise that demand immediate attention. When his daughter was accepted to college in Arizona, Sundae customer Adi V. decided it was time to leave California to keep the family together.

But the biggest question remained? What would they do with the house?

Making a quick choice


Adi’s house definitely needed work. The structure had great bones, but it was an older property. Getting it market ready was going to require extensive renovations. The kitchen needed special attention, probably a total remodel. There was also a termite issue. Faced with a choice of making the renovations himself or selling the property as is, Adi went with the latter.


Lakewood house needing renovation


At first, he wasn’t sure which homebuyer to work with, but then by chance, something caught his eye.

“What was most surprising is that I heard about [Sundae] from a mailer,” said Adi. “Normally I would just throw that away, but I looked at the company, vetted you guys out, and here we are.”

An efficient sales process

After receiving the mailer, Adi got into contact with Kevin, one of Sundae’s Market Experts. Kevin came out to the property and made an offer on the spot. Adi agreed to sell the property for a number he wanted to get, and was able to move forward with the sales process.

Recalling his experience, Adi appreciated the smoothness of the transaction, which gave his family the ability to move with confidence. “I had a great experience working with Sundae,” said Adi. “It was very efficient.”

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