Sundae Customer Story: Planning for Retirement

September 18, 2020 | Zach Child Zach Child

This Sundae customer story explains how Bill K. made adding funds to retirement a cinch by skipping home renovations and selling his house for cash.

When retirement is no longer just a thought but a reality, how do you prepare?

Because this decision is so important, you have to start serious planning for the future well in advance. Financial planning is a must, so taking a thorough inventory of your assets has to be addressed.

Then there is what to do with your house. You’ll have to make some tough choices with your loved ones about potentially downsizing.

When Sundae customer Bill K. retired, he and his wife decided it was time to sell their home. They spent close to 25 years together in that house, so the decision to move came with a lot of thought. After much discussion, they both decided it was time to make a fresh start someplace new.

They had family in New Mexico, so when they started looking for a new home, they already knew where they were going to go.

But getting ready to move was going to take some serious work. Bill and his wife bought the house in 1996, and never put any renovations into it. The kitchen still had original appliances. The house  was nowhere near ready to sell. Finding a buyer was not going to be simple.

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Selling through an agent isn’t for everyone

At first, Bill researched what listing his house would entail. What he found out wasn’t pretty.

After talking to several agents, he began to understand what he would have to do to get his house ready to sell. Nearly 25 years in the house had taken its toll, and the work need was tremendous. Bill and his wife Rebecca decided that the traditional method of selling was just not going to work for them.

Sundae customer Bill K house before renovation

To sell on the MLS through an agent, Bill was told that he would need to do a full renovation on the house. This would be expensive and time consuming.

On top of that, Bill and his wife had nowhere nearby to stay. That meant they would need to live in the house while parts of it were being renovated.

“To say the least, this would have been very uncomfortable for us,” said Bill. 

Making matters worse, Bill and Rebecca would be opening their house to constant showings, something Bill expressly disliked. Trying to live a normal life in a home while actively hosting open houses is not only stressful,  but unrealistic.

Undergoing all of this proved too burdensome for Bill and his wife, so finding a cash buyer to purchase the house as is was their best bet.

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The search for the right buyer

After much thought, Bill decided getting his house ready to sell with an agent was not going to work for him and his wife. Finding a trusted buyer was their only option. But they weren’t sure where to start.

Bill started by going to the Better Business Bureau website. There he came across Sundae.

“We found Sundae and saw your rating and decided to give you guys a call,” said Bill. “Initially, we had a few doubts about whether Sundae could deliver on the promise we saw online.”

This quickly changed when Ben, one of Sundae’s market experts, came out and looked at the property. Before the appointment, Bill already had an idea of what a fair offer was.

“The real estate agent I spoke with told me what to expect from a sale on the MLS,” he said. “So I took that figure and subtracted the fees and realtor commission and came up with a fair price in my head. I told Ben this figure, and the quote that he came back with was very close to it.”

From there they worked out an offer that was good for both parties, and Ben returned with an official agreement. 

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Selling with ease and convenience

Picking a buyer when you need to sell a house fast is never easy. There is no “one-size fits all” answer to selling your home.

Bill weighed the costs and benefits of every option before he decided that Sundae was right for him

When asked why he chose Sundae, Bill had this to say: “The ease and convenience of everything. Not having to go through open house after open house. We just didn’t need to do anything.”

There were a few hiccups in the process, however. Bill and his wife wanted a longer escrow in order to give them flexibility to space out the closing so that they could spend time with their families for Easter. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, that was not possible.

But Sundae was eventually able to help them close on time. Flexibility was important to Bill, and Sundae delivered on that front.

“I’d recommend Sundae for the price and convenience. It was a great deal for us,” he said.

Sundae customer Bill K house after renovation

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