Sundae Customer Story: Retiree Trades San Diego for Small Town Living

January 22, 2021 | Zach Child Zach Child

In this Sundae Customer Story, we learn how Sandra F. found unexpected happiness in a quaint small town. 

Moving is never easy, but sometimes it’s what we need to hit the reset button on life. After retiring, Sandra F. moved from sunny San Diego to the quaint town of Apple Springs, Texas, to start fresh and live life on her terms. 

Sandra now lives on 1.5 acres in an area lush with nature and wildlife. The sounds of birds singing and cows mooing replace the traffic sounds from her home in San Diego.

Her journey to this phase of life started about a year ago.

After working for 30 years as an assistant to a judge on the Court of Appeals, Sandra retired in July 2019. As a single mom with four grown children, and no obligations to work or raise children, she was ready for a change. 

“I recently retired and knew that I wanted to move away from California,” she said. 

Old friends, new possibilities

Sandra loved living in San Diego as a homeowner for 45 years, but she was ready to escape the high prices in California for something more affordable. 

She looked for single-family homes in Arizona at first so she could be near her children, but Sandra quickly realized that desert living wasn’t for her. Thus, she went back to the drawing board. 

It wasn’t long until Sandra found a new direction. A friend she’s known for 30 years moved to the bucolic and quiet town of Apple Springs, Texas. When Sandra visited her and saw the beautiful trees, greenery, and quietness, she thought, “this is where I want to be.” 

Sandra wasn’t planning on this direction when she pictured her retirement, but the location was peaceful and affordable. 

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Turning to Sundae to sell the home as-is 

Once Sandra decided Apple Springs was where she wanted to spend her retirement, and ultimately settle, she looked into selling her San Diego home. 

To start, she researched the market and different realtors who could help her sell the home as-is so she “didn’t have to go through the time and expense involved in doing the fix-up prior to sale.”

She knew what she needed to make on the sale to feel comfortable and also knew that selling as-is wouldn’t get her as much as she wanted. 

As part of her research, Sandra ended up hearing about Sundae on Facebook. After seeing positive comments about the service, she decided to check it out as an alternative to working with a realtor.

After meeting Ben at Sundae, she had a good feeling about her decision.

“Ben just seemed very forthright and sincere. I just had a good feeling,” she said. 

For Sandra, it was important to work with a company that was trustworthy, could maximize the sale price, and could move quickly. Sandra felt that she was able to get that and more with Sundae. She was happy with the transaction and working with Sundae, especially the flexibility.

“Sundae was very helpful,” Sandra explained. “[They were] willing to take the extra step to make things work where I would be comfortable.” 

Small town living

Sandra’s life now is completely different from the hustle and bustle of the city. She is nestled among nature and wildlife with peace and quiet. Not only that, but her money goes a lot further, too. 

“It is amazing how much further a dollar goes,” noted Sandra.

In addition, one of her children moved with her to Apple Springs and her other children won’t be too far away. Her son is planning a visit soon, and in the next several years, her daughter and her husband will move to San Antonio and be much closer. 

“I am glad I am where I am,” Sandra said. 

Visit our Customer Stories page to hear from other homeowners who chose to sell with Sundae. And if you’re ready to sell, request an offer.


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